1-2-TRI GO!

For the past few months, Triathlon Quebec has been creating a youth development program, 1-2-TRI GO! This program contains a repertoire of skills classified into different levels, seven levels to be exact. It is presented as a package in a form of passport which includes rewards for athletes, guides, worksheets and tracking sheets for coaches.


Orders are only available for Triathlon Quebec members (clubs and coaches). For the other PSO’s, the program can also be used, but they are responsible for their own orders and printing (passeports, stickers, wristbands) from their suppliers.

Guidelines :

Passports format : 5″ x 7″

Stickers format : round, 3/4″ x 3/4″ (ULINE)

Wristbands format : junior (WristBandToday)

For more details on the visuals, see the “Rewards” section below.


Main goals :

  • Develop the athlete’s basic skills in each of the triathlon disciplines.

  • Promote long-term healthy and active lifestyles in athletes.

  • Standardize the essential skills to be acquired by young triathletes in order to optimize their long-term development.

  • Offer a progress tracking tool for athletes and participants.

Who can use the program, and how?

Recognized clubs and coaches can use the program in order to coach their young triathletes. The entire program (except the rewards) is available for free on this page.

1-2-TRI GO! package

Triathlete’s passport

  • Tool for the athlete.
  • Triathlete tracking sheet.
  • Physical skills divided into seven levels: 1-Purple, 2-Dark blue, 3-Light blue, 4-Green, 5-Yellow, 6-Orange, 7-Red.
  • Pre-race skills divided into 3 levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold.
  • Responsible triathlete skills.
  • Regulation, Equipment, Technical, Safety, Nutrition.
  • Participations summary.

Coaching guide

  • Tool for the trainer.
  • Program user guide.
  • Proposed progression according to the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model.
  • Skill achievement standards.

Activities guide

  • Tool for trainers developed in collaboration with the RSEQ.
  • Activities in the 3 disciplines and the transition.


  • Tool for the trainer.
  • Worksheets (evaluation) of a group of triathletes.

Tracking sheet

  • Tool for the coach and / or athlete.
  • Tracking sheet for the triathlete following his progression in the program.


Rewards given to the athlete by the coach.


  • Physical skills: 4 per level
    Pre-race skills: 1 per level
    Responsible triathlete skills: 1 for level


  • Physical skills: 1 per level
    7 different colors